Stand Locations

 Where Can I Set Up My Stand on Lemonade Day

As a new business owner, kids get to choose where they set up their lemonade stand. Some popular places are local parks, churches, markets or even right at their own home. The possibilities are endless! In addition, kids can ask permission to set up at a local business if they have a high-traffic location in mind. But they MUST ask permission from the business owner or location manager to set up there. If you are unsure where to start, check out our tips on how to ask permission. Remember, you want to choose a location which will bring plenty of thirsty customers to your stand!

Are you a business who would like to open up year space for our young entrepreneurs?

Contact us! It’s a great way to gain some extra traffic to your business and many of our Lemonade Day participants are looking for a safe and welcoming place for their stands.

Stand Locations

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